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09 Feb, 2008

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission

6. Qualification: -

(A) Age (as on 01.07.2008):

(i) For S.Cs / S.Ts: Above 25 years and below 38 Years

(ii) Other than S.Cs/ S.Ts: Above 25 years and below 35 Years

(b)For all categories: Above 22 Years and below 27 Years

The age concession mentioned in paragraphs 4, 13 and 14 of the Commission's "instructions, etc. to Candidates" will not apply to this recruitment.

Candidates should possess the following or its equivalent qualification on the date of this Notification, viz. 07-02-2008:

I. (i) Must possess a degree in Law of a University in India established or incorporated by or under a Central Act or a State Act or an Institution recognized by the University Grants Commission or any other equivalent qualification and got enrolled in the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and in the case of candidates enrolled in the Bar Councils of other States, they should submit a proof of transfer of their enrolment to the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu; and

(ii)(a) Must be practising as an Advocate or Pleader in the High Court or Courts Subordinate thereto and must have so practised for not less than 3 years on the date of this Notification, viz. 07-02-2008.


(b) Must be an Assistant Public Prosecutor having not less than 3 years of experience as an Advocate and / or Assistant Public Prosecutor.


II. Must be a fresh Law Graduate possessing a Degree in Law from a recognized University as mentioned in Clause (i) above, who is eligible to be enrolled or enrolled as an advocate and who has secured 50% marks in all the Law papers put together in case of Open Categories and in respect of other reserved categories, namely SC, ST, MBC/DC and BC (Other than BCC and BCM), BCC and BCM an average of 45% marks. Fresh Law Graduates are those who have obtained the Degree of Law within a period of three years prior to the Date of Notification.

(Details regarding equivalence of qualifications are given in paragraph 9 of the Commission's Instructions, etc. to candidates').

7. Scheme of Written Examination (Descriptive Type) and VIVA-VOCE:-

SubjectDurationMinimum MarksMinimum MarksMaximum Marks for a pass in each Paper
Written (Descriptive Type)SC & STMBC/DCs, BCs(Othor than BCCs & BCMs), BCCs and BCMsOthers
1. Translation Paper3 hours10030%35%40%
2. Law Paper-I3 hours100
3. Law Paper-II3 hours100
4. Law Paper-III3 hours100
Viva-voce-6018 (for all categories of candidates)


(i) Candidate who have secured less than the minimum marks specified above in any paper of the Written Examination are not eligible for Viva-voce. Candidates who have secured less than the minimum marks prescribed for Viva-voce are not eligible for selection.

(ii) The appearance in all papers at the Written Examinations and for the Viva-voce is compulsory

(iii) The question papers on Law Papers I, II and III will be set both in English and in Tamil. The candidates are given the option of answering the papers either in English or in Tamil or partly in English and partly in Tamil.

(iv) Syllabi for the Written Examination

(I) Translation Paper:

There will be one translation paper and the candidates will be required to translate passages in English into Tamil and Tamil into English. The passages will be from (1) Depositions, (2) Judgements and (3) Documents.

(ii) Law Paper- I: The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908; The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973; The Indian Evidence Act, 1872; The principles of Pleading and The Constitution of India.

(iii) Law Paper-II: Framing of issues and writing of Judgements in Civil Cases.

(iv)Law Paper- III: Framing of charges and writing of Judgements in Criminal Cases.

(v) Viva-voce: At the Viva-voce, the candidate's "General Knowledge" and the knowledge of Law including grasp of Procedural Laws and Principles of Law and suitability for appointment to the post will be tested.

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission

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